Invysta achieves the highest levels of data access protection within a company’s layered information structure!

San Clemente, California – October 17, 2023

Invysta Technology Group, a developer of multi-factor access authorization technology, today announced the introduction of its “Layered Access Protection” feature within its patented Anonymous Access Keysecurity architecture. The feature allows system administrators and managers to maintain the highest levels of security and control when approving access requests to specific layers of confidential information within their systems.

Businesses and government typically organize their digital architectures into multiple layers of information, each with varying degrees of sensitivity or confidentiality. System administrators grant individuals and groups different levels of access to these layers of information—often on a temporary or need-to-know basis.

With its new Layered Access Protection feature, Invysta brings this powerful capability to its state-of-the-art security environment. Compared to similar solutions, Invysta’s Layered Access Protection feature is unique, as it uses its patented Anonymous Access Key technology to achieve the highest levels of layered access security and control.

Invysta’s Anonymous Access Key is a cryptographic security key used to validate the identity of each login device (PC, smartphone, or tablet) seeking account access. This patented process builds an Anonymous Access Key from unique software/hardware identifiers contained within each of these physical access devices. As a form of Zero-Trust authentication, the Anonymous Access Key is a complex, mathematically generated validation key representing the DNA of each registered device, and that device only! If an approved team member does not have access to their authorized device, system entry is denied—making it extremely difficult for external threat actors operating on different devices to breach the system.

By providing a granular and controlled access system for a company’s layered data architecture, Invysta ensures that only authorized login devices, in the hands of authorized individuals can access designated layers of information. More importantly, access can be granted for only specific periods of time in response to a specific request for access. Even if a smart device is validated for use on other layers of data, it will still require a distinct Anonymous Access Key for each protected layer it seeks to access.

Finally, system administrators and managers are given control and approval over all Layered Access Protection requests via Invysta’s easy-to-use management console. This approach enhances security by ensuring access is tightly controlled for all smart devices.

About Invysta Technology Group

Established in 2016, Invysta Technology Group is a leading innovator in protecting access to websites, email accounts and IoT devices.