Management Console

Invysta works closely with business and government IT management to provide secure account access. We provide these groups management console tools for use with our Anonymous Access Key technology.  This management console provides IT management with complete control of the physical Smart Devices which are allowed to access their networks and accounts. The management console provides for user customization and allows IT groups to configure and enforce compliance with their exact requirements for access to their networks and accounts.

Some of the major features supported in the management console are:

  • Registration of authorized Smart Devices in the facility or the field
    • Remote Smart Device registration using one-time registration code
    • Physical Smart Device registration by onsite IT personnel
    • Support for BYOD environments
  • Immediate removal of a Smart Device’s authorization for account access
    • Disgruntled Employee
    • Termination
    • Lost Smart Device
  • A nuclear option for removing account access  for groups of Smart Devices in the event of a major cyber security incident
    • Remove network access from registered Smart Devices at the  Department Level
    • Remove network access from registered Smart Devices by Geo Location
    • Nuclear Option – Remove network access or all registered Smart Devices
  • Notification of the user credentials used to seek access from an unauthorized Smart Device
    • Ability to quickly identify and reset breached credentials
  • Logging of IP address used for each attempted access to the network
    • For Smart Devices that were authorized and did connect
    • Defines where unauthorized access attempts were made
    • IP Address can be used as a distinctive identifier limiting access to only that IP Address
  • Layered access to various levels of data within the organization for each validated Smart Device – Need to know basis
  • Invysta is also exploring related Anonymous Access Key technology that will enable law enforcement agencies to track and identify the sources behind unauthorized account access attempts.  We believe this use of our technology can be very effective in reducing criminal cyber activity.