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Invysta Technology Group

Invysta Technology Group is a Software as a Service (SaaS) cyber security firm that protects business and government organizations from unauthorized access to their important digital accounts and networks.  Established in Southern California by a group of technology industry veterans, our patented Anonymous Access Key technology is disruptive in it’s ability to secure access to important accounts and networks.

The Problem to be Solved?

Invysta Technology Group was established to solve a very basic problem within our digital world. The sophistication of hackers has risen to a level whereby confidence in protecting access to our important accounts and networks has fallen to new lows. This problem will only expand with the transition to the new “Work From Home” environment being fostered by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Our Solution

Anonymous Access Keys are a unique identity key that is based on the physical and software components that make up each Smartphone, PC or other Smart Devices which are authorized to access your important networks, accounts and data. The physical identity of these Smart Devices is validated upon each account access and eliminates unauthorized  access based solely on breached user credentials.

Invysta Technology Group

Board of Directors

Gary Streuter


William Price                                 


Phil Drachman

Business & Financial Development Executive  

Scott Harris

Attorney at Law – Patent Practice

Tom McDorman

Vice President – Western Digital

Finis Conner

Founder – Seagate Technology and Special Adviser to the BOD



Oli Thordarson

President – Alvaka Networks Inc. 

Bud Cary

IoT Executive Sales

Zeev Neumeier

Founder – TV Interactive Systems and Special Adviser to the BOD