Secure Online Account Access

Anonymous Access Key Technology

Our patented Anonymous Access Key  technology  provides Secure Account Access to corporations, small business and government entities.  Secure account access is provided for Smart Devices such as Smartphones, PC’s and tablets running Windows, Android, Apple iOS and MacOS.

Operating in a Zero-Trust environment and in a Software as a Service (SaaS) mode, the technology  generates a totally unique Anonymous Access Key for each employee/contractor Smart Device that IT chooses to authorize for access to their accounts and networks. Each Anonymous Access Key is composed of specific hardware & software identifiers that are unique to that Smart Device – and that Smart Device only…



We are pleased to announce that Invysta Technology Group has won a 2019 Timmy Award for Peoples Choice as the Best Tech Startup in Orange County Ca.   

Invysta is also pleased to announce that our company has been selected by Octane OC as a finalist in the Outstanding Emerging Tech Company category at the 2021 Octane High Tech Awards!  


Protect access to your important accounts using Anonymous Access Key technology

In our connected world the issue of online account security has risen to new heights of awareness and concern. Security breaches occur regularly and effect hundreds of millions of users worldwide.  Businesses and government entities are the custodians of massive amounts of user information, as well as confidential organizational information.  A breach of confidential information can result in crippling fines or worse yet, a loss of confidence by customers, investors and employees.

We help businesses and government protect their important data and accounts

The Invysta mission is to provide IT management with secure Account Access tools to protect their confidential accounts, networks, data and electronic transactions from unauthorized access.  We provide a secure infrastructure which allows IT management to select, monitor and control the Smart Devices that are authorized to access their accounts.


No Match = No Access!  It’s really that simple…

Anonymous Access Keys define the unique physical identity of the Smartphones or PC’s that IT management has authorized for access to important accounts and information.  This technology insures that account access will only be granted when requested by a physical Smart Device that has an Anonymous Access Key that is matched to the key that was created when this device was originally authorized for account access.


IT management decides which Smart Devices can access their important accounts

Register only the Smart Devices that are authorized for access to your important accounts and protect that account access with an Anonymous Access Key.  Even if the user credentials have been compromised, they cannot be used to successfully access these accounts – because access to protected accounts can only be achieved using a registered  and validated Smart Device.


Nothing new to learn/Nothing new to remember/Authorize your Smart Device and we do the rest!

No link to protected account or smart device!

An Anonymous Access Key is generated from your Smart Devices at registration and stored in the Access Control List within our Validation Database.  No traceable link exists between the stored Anonymous Access Key and your Smart Device or the account you are protecting.

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