Our Technology

Why Invysta?

Invysta Technologies  has pioneered the process of tying the successful use of your credit or debit card in an online transaction to electronic devices that you have authorized.  Our research shows that the vast majority of users who make online purchases do so from 3 to 5 hardware devices, typically a PC/Mac, tablet and Smartphone.  So why then does your credit or debit card need to be active for use on millions of electronic devices around the world?

Why are card holders so affected by the increasing frequency of data breaches occurring at large retailers?  Simple:  Because when a retailer’s database is breached all of your personal and credit/debit card information becomes available to the hacker.  This includes your card number, expiration date, name, address, Personal Identification Number (PIN) and CVCC number and sometimes even more personal information said retailer may have on file.

So now the hacker has all the information they need to use your identity and cards to make online purchases with no questions asked.  And while in the end it may be the retailer or card issuer who suffers the financial loss, it is the user who is most affected by the cleanup that follows such a breach.

So how does Invysta solve this problem?  Our technology, when integrated into the standard checkout cart technology available with most e-Commerce sites, ties the successful use of your credit or debit card to the specific device used to initiate the transaction.  For instance, if this request comes from a personal computer that has not been authorized for such transactions by the user, the transaction is denied or suspended pending investigation.  In other words, the use of our Virtual Security Key technology halts the transaction before the damage is done.