Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

We welcome your questions and will do our best to provide as much helpful information as possible in this section.


What is the deployment schedule for Anonymous Block Key technology?

Our patented Anonymous Block Key technology will initially begin deployment in Q3 of 2018 with selected partners in small business, corporate and government markets. .  Following that introduction, we will be expanding  to protect individual consumers through our Universal Signin (USi) subsidiary in early 2019.

Deployment to the financial credit card market and support for Internet of Things is scheduled to begin later in 2019.

How does Universal Signin work?

Universal Signin uses our patented Anonymous Block Key technology to offer strong multi-factor validation of the identity of the physical computing device being used to access your important accounts.  USi does not rely  on a password to access your assigned accounts.  Rather, the access process is dependent on a successful validation of the Anonymous Block Key, which is regenerated from the physical computing device seeking account access.

When a consumer signs up with USi, they select a protection plan for their accounts.  These accounts are structured whereby they can select a package that supports the number of devices they wish to register for access to their accounts, as well as the number of important accounts they wish to protect.

What do you mean by physical computing devices?

When we are talking about physical computing devices, we are referring to the devices most commonly used to access accounts.  This could be a Smartphone, PC, Mac or tablet.  The user may register as many devices as they chose.  We suggest you register only the computing devices you actually use on a regular basis.

What does Anonymous Block Key mean?

A matched Anonymous Block Key is required in order to successfully access an account protected by our technology.  The  physical computing device being used to generate the access request must respond with the same hardware and software identifiers that were used to register its Anonymous Block Key into the Validation Database.  Thus, access depends on not just a single factor, but on a combination of physical factors that make up the identity of the computing device seeking account access.

How can I register my computing device in the Validation Database?

Because the Validation Database does not contain any user specific information, registration must be requested through your company IT management group, our partner website operators or in the future through the financial institution that issued your credit or debit card.  We purposely have structured the architecture of the Validation Database to be an independent operation.  This ensures that even if the website operator or your financial institution were breached, the credentials taken could not be used to compromise your account, as it would not include the Anonymous Block Key required to authorize access.

What happens if I lose a registered device?

If a computing device registered in the Validation Database is lost or stolen, first report the loss to your IT management group, the website operators or appropriate financial authority.  Once notified, we will deactivate that device registration.

Does Anonymous Block Key technology only alert me to unauthorized account access?

NO…  Our patented Anonymous Block Key technology not only notifies you of an unauthorized attempt to access your account, we stop that access attempt in its tracks…  We are a combination of  the neighborhood watch and the police force, all rolled into one  – we identify the threat and shut it down ASAP.  Anonymous Block Key technology is your  first line of defense in protecting accounts.