Qwik-Key Bluetooth Identity Token

Our optional Qwik-Key Bluetooth Identity Token provides enhanced account access security. The Qwik-Key serves as an external, physical identifier within the creation of an Anonymous Block Key.   When you are accessing an account with Qwik-Key protection enabled, simply press the button on the Qwik-Key and it will turn itself on..The Qwik-Key then connects via Bluetooth with the Smartphone or computer being used to access your protected account.

When Qwik-Key protection is enabled, the Qwik-Key must be present and connected via Bluetooth to the Smartphone or computer seeking account access.  Because the Qwik-Key generates specified distinct identifiers within the construction of the Anonymous Block Key, the Qwik-Key must be present and presenting the correct identifiers in order to validate the account access request.

In the event your Smartphone or computer is lost or stolen, it cannot be used to access your protected accounts – because the Qwik-Key is not present and the Anonymous Block Key cannot be validated.