People are data security’s worst nightmare!

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Anonymous Block Key – The future of account access security!

Our patented technology prevents unauthorized account access by inserting the physical identity of your Smartphone or PC into the account authorization process.  We generate an Anonymous Block Key, composed of specific hardware & software identifiers that are unique to the computing device being authorized.  This Anonymous Block Key becomes the key for access to your private accounts and data.

When a Smartphone or PC seeks access to your protected accounts, the Anonymous Block Key is regenerated and matched to the registered Anonymous Block Keys.  Access to your protected accounts is allowed only by a successful match of the regenerated Anonymous Block Key to the previously registered Anonymous Block Key!

Assume your user credentials and personal information have been breached!

In our connected world the issue of digital account security has risen to new heights of awareness and concern. Security breaches occur regularly and total billions of dollars in losses worldwide.  These breaches range from unauthorized access to confidential business & personal data, to the damaging theft of individual identities.

Why should every Smartphone or PC in the world have access to your accounts?

The Invysta mission is to ensure the security of confidential accounts, networks, systems, data and electronic transactions.  That mission can best be understood by asking one simple question:  Why should access be allowed to business, personal and financial data from just any of the millions of computing devices scattered throughout the world, based simply on what may be breached user credentials?

No Match = No Access!  It’s really that simple…

Anonymous Block Keys define the unique identity of the Smartphones or PC’s you have authorized for access to your important accounts.  This insures that account access will be granted only when requested by a physical Smartphone or PC  that has had an Anonymous Block Key previously authorized by you – the rightful account owner.

You control which Smartphones and PC’s can access your important accounts!

Nothing new to learn/Nothing new to remember…  Register your Smartphone/PCPC  – and forget about it!


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